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The Dark Spirit DAO Litepaper (ver.1.0)



[ 1 ] The Dark Spirit DAO


The alcohol, one of the essential elements through human history, reveals the upmost demands from human nature. As one of the “Sin Stocks”, it is undeniably a great category of investments and generating tremendous profits and returns because this industry comforts human spirit from the deepest. According to reports from UBS Group AG, the ROIs of sin stocks beats MSCI almost every year. Research from University of California has also proved that sin stocks are much stronger or even keep its growth in bad economy period (or bear market period), while sin stock blooms even better than market during good economy period!


The Dark Spirit DAO aims to establish a worldwide community for fine wine and liquor lovers, by blockchain technology, to overcome barriers of spirit investments from geographical restrictions and technology walls between real world and metaverse.


Our vision is to build a DAO running business in alcohol industry including alcohol agency, own-brand alcoholic beverages, spirit investments, etc. We believe DAO is the shape of future organization (profit or non-profit), and we have technology to make it happen.


Joining The Dark Spirit DAO means you are a member of this legion and be part of this revolution for the future.

[ 2 ] The Dark Spirit NFT

The Dark Spirit NFTs (DS-NFT) represent certificates of The Dark Spirit DAO ruling committee, the only boarding pass to DAO council. The DAO council will decide major issues solutions or disputes.


The Dark Spirit NFT will release 10,000 units on Polygon network, starting from 2nd quarter of 2022. The Alpha Group (first 1,000 units) is scheduled to release from May of 2022, and will have community token airdrop benefit, which is up to 6,000 DST (The airdrop starts from 2022/06/15 to 2022/10/15).


Holding The Dark Spirit NFT (DS-NFT) will also have (but not limited to) following additional benefits:

  • Extra reward bonus from Drink-to-Earn mechanism.

  • Firsthand rare liquor acquisition opportunity.

  • New wine tasting event free pass.

[ 3 ] Innovative D2E (Drink to Earn) and PoD (Proof of Drink)

The Dark Spirit DAO will launch a social mining game: chin-chin, which introduces “Drink to Earn” concept, developed by “Proof of Drink” architecture. By leaving comments to alcohol, or bars, player will be rewarded by community token. If you are a DS-NFT hodler, you will have extra reward bonus. All comments and the chin-chin game will ultimately act as a social media platform for wine and liquor community and great business partner with alcoholic beverage companies around the world.


If you do NOT drink, you can also participate chin-chin game, and gain rewards. One of important node in “Proof of Drink” network is validator node to validate authenticity of comments. Acting as a validator node will gain as “the same amount” of reward as commenters.


The “Drink to Earn” mining formula is like bitcoin mining mechanism:

  • Every 1,000 commentors content forms a block.

  • Every 250 blocks form a leaf of chain.

  • Initial block reward is 100 DST/content.

There will be about 50,000,000 DST to be mined from D2E mining.

The properties of DS-NFT will trigger specific reward boost in chin-chin. For example, if race of DS-NFT is Death, reward bonus will have 30% boost. Check chin-chin description for more reward boost information.

[ 4 ] Community Token: DarkSpirit Token (DST)

DarkSpirit Token (DST) is issued in accordance with Polygon chain standard. The total volume is capped at 300,000,000 tokens. DST acts platform currency for following (but not limited to) scenarios:

  • Business cooperation.

  • Technology developments.

  • DAO ecosystem developments.


17% - Drink to Earn Foundation

03% - D2D Trading Room Reserve

15% - DAO Technology Development

10% - Ecosystem Development Foundation

02% - Early Backers/Investors

53% - DAO Treasury

[ 5 ] Roadmap

2022/03 – Launch of The Dark Spirit DAO

2022/05 – Released by Dark Spirit NFT Alpha Group

2022/10 – Launching The Dark Spirit DAO Trading House (a global blockchain exchange platform for wine and wine)

2022/11 – Chin-Chin, a social mining game launched / published by Dark Spirit NFT Norble Group

2022/12 – Dark Spirits’ first offline tasting session of the Christmas season

2023/01 – Dark Chests NFT Series Release

2023/Q1 – Chin-Chin Metaverse Integration Phase 1 Launched (AR)

2023/Q2 – DarkSpirit Token listed on exchanges

2023/Q3 – The Dark Spirit DAO brand liquor enters the global Lifestyle Spirit Market

[ 6 ] Project Core Team

CEO | Chris | LinkedIn

Deeply believes alcohol is elixir for human kind. Eager to create a perfect combination between tech and liqours.


CTO | 0xHisoka | LinkedIn

10+ yers of AI & blockchain dev. experiences. Former Foxconn product manager.

CPO | Ray

Based in Paris. Focus on building life-changing products using next-generation technologies.

CCO | Nathaniel | LinkedIn

Years of entertainment industry experiences. A creative artist, songwriter, and trainer.

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